Members of the Moose Legion

Moose Legion: These Moose Legionnaires feel an increased level of pride in membership.  Opportunities to be leaders and to provide additional support for the Order’s philanthropic causes in relation to Mooseheart & Moosehaven are recognized through involvement in this degree.  Each Lodge is encouraged to organize Moose Legion Committees.  These groups hold various functions for the social enjoyment of the local members.  By so doing, not only do the members enjoy their membership even more, but additional support is generated for the Lodge itself.  Additionally, an area of Lodge’s band together and unify efforts to form Moose Legion jurisdictions (sort of like a district).  These jurisdictions hold additional functions for members, set up by the boards of of directors elected by members.  They raise significant funds for support of the Moosehaven and Mooseheart as well as general support of the state and provincial associations and indeed the fraternity.

The Moose Legion is known as being the “Degree of Service” because of the many programs it supports.   It is also even better known as the “Fun Degree.”  Our members do like to enjoy themselves!  Our mission is: “To have fun while providing greater service to the Moose fraternity.” Our motto is: “To do some good for someone each day.”